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Toy Tips is the first toy cleaner to be made with non-chemical and food grade ingredients. Made without alcohol, bleach, dyes, artificial fragrances or phosphates, Toy Tips Toy Cleaner is a pure all-natural solution to gently clean dirt, dust and grime that builds up on children's toys.
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We have over 15,000 Toy Tips report cards! It is the largest collection of independently reviewed toys on the web! If you click on a review and then the toy report card, a pop up of the detailed scores on how the toy tested will appear. Print, it, share it or email the suggestion to another parent. This link will explain our rating system:

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Celebrating more than 20 years of independent research on smart consumer choices! On this site, you'll find researched product reviews, articles and tips to stimulate the intellectual, social, physical and individual personality development of the child.

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Twister Hopscotch

By Hasbro Games
Starts at 4 years of age

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the darkk night slot review

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Since 2002, The Kid Tips Report can be seen with Marianne Szymanski on FOX 6 Morning News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The featured products are based on reviews using the Toy Tips research methods. While most of the Toy Tips broadcast segments are national, this segment is local to the Milwaukee market where Toy Tips is based.