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                                                            Toy Tips is the independent rating group for the "TTT" mark.
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Toy Tips ®  is the independent third-party certification program that reviews products for children. We are not an award and NOT a seal of approval. For 17 years, we have earned our reputation as the only unbiased and independent source that relies on university and academic research for our results.

In 2008, we are currently reviewing products that encourage, introduce and teach children developmental skills.

We have 5 product categories (toys, juvenile gear, expectant and new parent products , fashion and style and home products that children use..we call this category "Kid Places in Family Spaces." To see subcategories of each, view our home page. (For MAC users, please use Safari, Mozilla, Netscape of Firefox)

We accept submissions all year long. Once we receive an online application, there is an approval process. We review products according to current categories we are working on the process can take up to 3 months, sometimes longer.

Toy Tips is a source of positive reviews and information for consumers. We uphold strict testing methods and do not accept payment or sell awards of any kind. Our information is based on the results of our studies and include only positive information about the products we test. To earn a coveted TTT mark, a product must show significant developmental value to children. We do not publish negative reviews. We do work closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and report on unsafe products for children and take a strong stance on safety in materials used in products for children.

                                                                           MANUFACTURER INFORMATION REQUIRED:

1.THE ONLINE APPLICATION on You'll need about ten minutes to fill it out. There is no fee. You must first create a manufacturer account. Please be sure that the company information represents the manufacturer. If you are a publicist, there is also a special area to enter your information. These must both be filled out even if the manufacturer is the same as the publicist. However, the publicist can not be listed as a manufacturer. Once created, you can submit up to 10 products per brand. Each product image MUST be included and sized according to the directions in the online form. We can not upload images from an email sent to us. You will be contacted by email WHERE to send one initial sample if your product is accepted. You can check your account 24/7 by logging in with your email and password. Keep in mind our product testing process can take 1-6 months depending on the type of product submitted and what categories we are testing each month. We communicate with you by email only and the subject line will always include Toy Tips..

2. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: This is mandatory and proof that you carry general liability insurance for your products. It is the policy of Toy Tips, Inc. to receive a 2008 CERTIFICATE of INSURANCE naming TOY TIPS, Inc. as an additional insured for each company who submits. There is no exception. Because Toy Tips relies on testing with children and when appropriate, adults, our testing centers require us to provide proof that the manufacturer is insured before we can begin testing. We can not accept any application without a valid certificate.

3. ONE INITIAL PRODUCT SAMPLE: This is for the preliminary screening of what we will accept in our testing program. You will be contacted when/where to send your products if your application has been accepted. All samples are used and not-returned. After use, they are donated to families and programs in need through The Toy Research Institute Charity Partner Program( If chosen, we could need up to three (3) additional samples to conduct our research depending on the type of product it is and how it is used. We may request an MSDS report or independent lab report if we feel it necessary to review and will contact you if we need this during our review process. There is no need to send in the initial submission process.

How is Toy Tips research conducted?
Celebrating 15 years of research in 2006, our product reviews assist consumers in making appropriate purchases based on research conducted through The Toy Tips Research Institute. Our advisory team is comprised of medical doctors, psychologists, teachers, nutritionists, occupational therapists and research analysts who facilitate our academic methods of testing based on qualitative and quantitative studies. We apply empirical methods and constraints typically used in social science research and focus on the intellectual, social, physical, and individual character and personality development of the child.

Who tests the products?
The involvement of thousands of children as official "Toy Tips® Testers"
throughout the year provide real in-market data. Testers are both pre-chosen
and demographically diversified, located at Toy Tips testing sites nationwide.
We do not rely on personal opinions only as final results of any study. ALL products are used with children.

What kind of publicity does Toy Tips receive on "TTT" products?
Marianne Szymanski is president and founder of Toy Tips, Inc. and has presented recommendations and results from the Toy Tips studies on Oprah, , The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, FOX News, CNN, The Rachael Ray Show, Oxygen Network, Lifetime Television, CBS News, NBC News and ABC News. Our results are shared with consumers via and Toy Tips Magazine to provide objective information on products for children of different ages and skill levels. Marianne hosts her own semi-monthly segment on FOX Morning News in Milwaukee which is distributed to 182 FOX affiliates nationwide. In 2007, Marianne Szymanski logged 456 television interviews reaching over 24 million parents worldwide. Toy Tips studies have also been published in USA TODAY, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, over 3200 other newspapers and magazines and professional research journals internationally.

Please keep in mind, that this is not an exchange of services and there is no guarantee that your submission will be included in our reviews. We first must review the product and if it meets and exceeds our standards, it earns the "TTT" mark and the review will be published on

Only "TTT" rated products are considered for Toy Tips print, radio or television segment interviews depending on topic, timing, etc. and all "TTT" products are listed on in our search key. There is a chance a "TTT" product is randomly chosen to be considered a toy of the day or chosen in our daily toy-tip email program. There is no fee to be part of this.

By submitting a product for review, there is no exchange of money for our services.  All product samples are donated after use and not returned. In sending us a submission, you agree you will not receive a sample product returned. All products are used for review, then donated through The Toy Research Institute Charity Partner Program. See details at

Thank you for your interest in focusing on developmental products that make
children's minds stronger and their childhood happier!
  Marianne Szymanski, Founder and President.

Copyright Toy Tips, Inc, 2008. No information from Toy Tips procedures can be replicated
or photocopied without written permission from Toy Tips, Inc.


Last Updated: March 31, 2008