Toy Tips®: The Book

We played with them for years. Now we buy them for our own kids, or those of our family and friends. In fact, the average parents spends $300 per child and a whole lot spend much more on toys, toys, toys.

It's part of our lives, it's a huge and booming market, it's something we take for granted but seldom think about. Like why do kids play with toys? What is the true role of toys? How do toys really function in a kid's life? Which are good and which aren't? How do toys figure into normal, healthy child development?

“Invaluable and specific guidance about how the right toys can help your kids learn, develop, build skills, and have some fun.”
--Michele Borba, consultant, educator, and author, Parents Do Make a Difference, Building Moral Intelligence, and No More Misbehavin'
At a time when parents are quite concerned about their children's education and preparation for the future, we're remarkably clueless about the very significant and potentially negative role of toys. What's an educationally appropriate toy for each stage of their development? How do toys shape gender stereotypes? Do video games teach our kid valuable skills or destroy their moral character? How can we tell good toys from over-hyped selections?

Based on 14 years of independent consumer focused research, Toy Tips provides invaluable advice and practical information on indoor and outdoor toys, dolls, board games, activity and construction toys, toys for appropriate ages and stages, gender and multi-cultural toys, computer games and other technology toys, toy safety, toy shopping, toy collecting, and a the must have Toy Classics (Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh, Candy Land, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, and why they're still around).

No one is better equipped than Marianne Szymanski to help you make smart choices when purchasing toys for your kids or for the kids in your life.

Spencer Christian, former host of Szymanski's guest segments on ABC's Good Morning America,
and author, Is There a Dinosaur in Your Backyard? and many other children's books

Szymanski's years of experience and passion for serving children make her a leading voice in the developmental benefits of toys and play.

--From the Foreward by Marvin W. Berkowitz.