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by Dunecraft, Inc

Starts at 4 years of age

This craft kit can be used as a family or classroom activity or as a project a child can make to give as as a gift. Start with a glass vase (not included) and fill it 3/4 full with water, add the Vase-Over powder and stir for thirty seconds. Then, add the themed foam and glitter accents and stir. The decorated, multi-dimensional container holds fresh flowers. There is no need to change the solution since cut flowers last and live in the sticky powder and water. Instead of flowers, you can add balloons, decorative painted sticks, straws with tiny decorations tied on and whatever else a chils can imagine. Creativity and artistic talent are not a must but are both encouraged as users make the craft. There are 9 themed styles to choose from and each are sold individually.

"When we tested these, we were able to make 2-3 small vases with the included powder. Larger vases used the whole package."

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