Toy Information

Apple Park Picnic Pals

by Apple Park

Starts at 6 months years of age

Apple Park Picnic Pals are five plush baby animals: bunny, cubby, ducky, monkey and lambie, who live and play in Apple Park, a make-believe park in San Francisco. Each Picnic Pal holds a heart-shaped apple seed rattle, and delivers an invitation to a picnic in Apple Park. The Picnic Pals each arrive in an eco-friendly, bright red apple box, complete with a natural silk leaf and grosgrain ribbon handle. (All packaging is made with state-of-the art, ecologically supported material, 100% organic cotton, natural silk, non toxic plastics and sustainably-grown corn fiber, soy and hemp are used to create the unique and naturally hypoallergenic products) Each huggable character is approximately 9" tall and appear engaged and inquisitive with big friendly eyes and will sit in any position without tumbling. Handling each character encourages fine motor movement, hand eye coordination, role play and imaginative play. We suggest to wash them only with a natural cleaning solution free of chemicals.

"The company makes a claim Apple Park’s own facility is the first and only certified organic soft toy factory in southern China. "

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