Toy Information

Beamz by Flo

by Beamz Interactive, Inc

Starts at 6 years of age

Creating music inspires imagination, critical thinking and builds self esteem. For music enthusiasts, this provides an expanded way to experience and interact with music. Billboard Artist Flo Rida is branding this product to inspire children and adults to enjoy making personal music. Moving your hands through laser beams promotes the use of fine motor skills. Playing different instruments, adding sound effects and creating original pieces in (any) genre boosts imaginative thinking. The beams are connected to an Apple Computer, iPad or Phone. (not included). The controller and software are included. Our testers included a group of elementary school children and adults. We noticed that while its best to use individually, groups started to form and soon users were performing together and engaging socially. No music skill or knowledge on how to play any single instrument is required. Use promotes listening, hand eye coordination and concentration.

"Ideal for classroom use, family entertainment and as a birthday party activity. Also, for children with limited mobility, the user must be able to be in an upright position to perform hand movements through the beams. However, this can also be used with therapists as an activity to do together. Ideal for all ages. "

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