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2002 Executive Gift Guide

Toy Tips has studied office toys by interviewing executives and observing office-mates during play. Our research findings show:

* 95% think it is office-appropriate for executives to have toys
* 93% believe toys can boost morale and team spirit
* 91% allow toys to be used creatively in the workplace
* 86% say toys reduce their own stress at the office
* 82% would buy toys for coworkers and employees as gifts

Many executives keep toys in their office, on their desks or hidden in a drawer. Toys are a great way to manage frustration, alleviate tension amongst co-workers and stimulate needed relaxation for stressful moments.

The rule of etiquette is to be sure that toys are not larger than a briefcase or noisier than a copy machine. The kinds of toys to look for are toys that are appropriate without insulting anyone.

Board games can enhance team-building skills, humorous toys can replace unwelcome words and strategy toys can challenge co-workers to think of new ideas. Office toys can create a workplace that can be stimulating and fun to work in.

This guide provides executives with gift ideas and reviews on gadgets for home/office use and products to relieve stress. All executive reviews are linked to either a website or 1-800 for future reference.

Happy Holidays to you and the children in your life!

The 14.4 Volt Drill Driver + Hammer Action
This cordless drill combines a drill driver with hammer action. Ideal for do-it-yourself projects, this will drill through brick and concrete and wood-based jobs around the house. This can be used both indoor and outdoor. For parents who assemble large toys and baby furniture, this tool is ideal and handy to have on hand.

An instant camera is a convenient way to snap memorable moments in any household with children. This unit weighs 12 ounces and has a sleek metallic silver finish design. Features include a convenient wrist strap for portability, a built-in automatic flash, a three element lens with a 60 mm focal length and an electronic LCD readout indicating pictures remaining. The pictures are about the size of a business card (2 x 3.5-inches) and easily fit in a wallet, purse or diaper bag for showing. They also can be mailed in a regular size envelope to send to friends and relatives. This is an ideal gift for a new mom!

Roomba Intelligent Floorvac
Ideal for a working parent with limited time for household duties! This is a vacuum cleaner that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically clean all household surfaces, including wood, tile, carpet and linoleum. There is no vacuum bag to change and no need to use any manual labor to push and guide it. The total bin space = 15.3 cu inches for total debris. The unit weighs less than 6 pounds and includes one virtual wall unit which can detect stairs and block open doorways directing the unit to move away. Also included is a standard battery charger, a removal battery pack and a 90-day warranty for parts and labor. The unit will run for 1 hour on a single charge and the decibal level is 74.9-80.2 db.

TIP: If used in a household with children, consider safety precautions first

CD12 NIKE Portable Sport Audio
Philips Electronics
Ideal for the athletic executive! This is an audio player to be worn during fitness and sport activities. The unit is operated by a sense of touch. The player features a stainless steel design with easy to grip control buttons that are made of rubber to withstand moisture and sweat retention. The battery life has approximately 9 hours and the unit delivers 1-2 hours of near CD quality music. The unit includes Musicmatch software for transfer of music to the audio player. An orange backlit LCD provides easy viewing in the dark. This unit can also be operated by remote control.

Pelz Wedge
$130 each, or $520 for a set of four.
Ideal for the avid golfer who would like to improve their short game.
These clubs are designed with spin technology and distance control that will assist a golfer to lower scoring abilities inside of 100 yards, by providing more backspin on their short shots and consistent spin control throughout their short game. The clubs feature a groove geometry which provides a different groove shape on every wedge in the set. As the lofts change from Pitching (P=49), to Sand (S=55), Lob (L=60), and Extra-loft (X=64), the face grooves get progressively more aggressive, to enhance the backspin produced on shorter shots. A proprietary grip allows golfers to comfortably move their hands up and down the shaft for better distance and ball control.

TIP: Ideal as a tool for building individual skills and sportsmanship on a company golf outing.

LK-40 Keyboard
Casio, Inc.
Ideal for the busy executive who never had time to take piano lessons! It has been proven that music calms the mind and stimulates intellectual thinking. This is a keyboard featuring 61 full-size keys that light up when played, a 3 Step Teaching system that guides the player through the melody of a pre-programmed song, plus MIDI and Internet Expansion.

TIP: This can be used for entertainment at office parties or ‘happy birthday’ celebrations for coworkers.

Quark Top
Micro Logic Corp.
Ideal as a desktop toy! This is a close-machined space-age metallic top capable of extended spin times of up to one-quarter hour. It achieves this with critical balance. The Quark top comes with instructions and materials to perform the balance.

Tip: Ideal for the aspiring engineer or any executive fascinated with science.

Premier Programming Solutions
Ideal for an executive who needs to review a lot of written material! Audio listening and visual reading at the same time can increase comprehension, concentration and attention span. This is a software program that will take any text file, convert it into an audio file and output it as speech. The audio files can be created in different formats including MP3, Standard Wave, DSP and GSM. This program can convert one hour’s worth of audio in 4 minutes. The user can select up to 20 documents to convert at one time. Each can have its’ own setting and voice. The accompanying manual is well-written and informative.
TIP: Using this software, e-books can be turned into books on tape.

Replogle Globes
Impressive for the waiting area, company library or corner office! This is a contemporary designed globe mounted on a solid wood frame. The simple lines of the hardwood base provides an attractive backdrop for its 20” illuminated globe. The classic Antique Ocean map works with many styles of décor. The full-engraved aluminum meridian is a brushed brass color. Features a touch on light control with three levels of light. Measures 20” x 37 and weighs less than 34 pounds.

TIP: This is ideal as a group gift for a company president or small business owner.

Ideal for the executive who enjoys continuous portable music on long flights! This is a digital music player that features a 10GB hard drive, with a capacity of 2,000 CD-quality songs into the device's portable, 6.5-ounce design. In addition, users can download and store contact lists with up to 1,000 names and addresses with the music. The battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous music and recharges automatically whenever the iPod is connected to a Mac, using power supplied over the FireWire cable. Laser engraving is available for an additional charge. Available in three configurations : 5 GB for $299, 10 GB for $399 and 20 GB for $499.

TIP: The download time is less than 20 minutes. Windows support is available via MUSICMATCH Jukebox software. The 10 GB and t 20 GB models feature a touch wheel for precision, accuracy and durability.

Backpack Cooler
Backpack with wheels! Ideal for the executive who likes outdoor events. Features a telescoping handle for easy pulling and storage of both hot and cold food/drinks. The insulated main compartment holds up to 36 chilled cans and the foil-lined compartment has 1/4" of thermal insulation to keep foods warm. Also features a compartment that holds utensils needed while tailgating or watching children's sporting events. Easy to clean.

Black& Decker Firestorm 12-volt
Cordless Multi-Tool Kit

Ideal for the working parent who likes projects around the house! Rechargeable drill, jigsaw and sander all in one. Includes a double-ended screwdriver bit tip, jigsaw blade, three sheets of sandpaper and a storage case. Should not be used by a child.

Fonix I speak

Dictation software that reads aloud any text file in a human sounding voice. Can be used for dictating research reports, letters or for learning English as a second language. Can also be used with an MP3 player. Ideal for a foreign national executive learning English as a second language or for an executive that chooses to dictate rather write.

Gourmet Settings
Ideal for executives who serve formal meals for office or client meetings. ñMile High" is a simple yet fashionable place setting pattern with sleek, rounded contours that are made of 18/10 grade stainless steel. Contains 4 five-piece place settings.

ttools Solovision Security Screen
Ideal for executive travelers. Security system to keep data away from onlookers! Thin holographic film for PDA's to block private information from others in crowded areas such as on the airplane or in public areas. The film clings to the PDA screen and allows users to see/edit data while onlookers can only see a projected holographic image. The product also doubles as a screen protector which guards against scratches, dust and dirt.

Digital Innovations Skip Doctor MD
Radial resurfacing action eliminates the effects of harmful abrasions, scratches and surface imperfections from the shiny sides of discs of CD's/DVD's , CD Rom's and video games. Ideal for executives who use these forms of media often. Features a motorized one-button scratch device repair and is easy to use.

Pioneer HTD-510DV

Ideal for the executive who wants to create a modern media room or boardroom for presentations. Features a five-disc DVD/CD/CD-Rom changer with an integrated digital receiver. Consumer can contact multiple units to create a home/office theater. Includes a wireless pre-programmed remote control, color-coated speaker wire, connection terminals and an installation guide for easy set-up.

Argus Camera
Ideal for the proud working parent to show off child photos or for taking instant product images. This digital camera is available in 3 bright colors (titanium, blue and purple) and can store up to 80 photos. Images can be offloaded directly into the computer and sent via email.

Sharper Image
Talking Digital Tire Gauge

Ideal for women as a safety device needed in the dark or for those executives who drive long distances. Accurately checks the air pressure of automobile tires. Digitalized voice announces the tire pressure and confirms an easy-to-read digital display. Can be used for bicycles, cars, trucks, SUV's, and motorcycles. Runs on one 3vCR 2032 battery (included) for approximately 500 readings.
There is a one-year warranty.

Good Grips Complete Package
For at home car washes! Perfect for the executive dad to teach a child how to wash a car! Four OXO ergonomically designed brushes with cushioned non-slip grips and strong bristles. Includes a large car wash brush for the doors, and car body, a small car wash brush for headlights, grillwork and trim, a wheel brush for wheel covers and a tire brush to assist in cleaning gravel out of the tires. Ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold. Easy to clean.

Sharper Image
Ionic Breeze Auto Air Purifier/Ionizer
Ideal for working parents who drive with small children in the car. A car can contain polluted air of smog, exhaust, pollen, dust and other bacteria. This unit assists in cleaning the air of airborne particles and reducing odor inside the car. The unit rests in a pivoting base that secures to the dashboard or windshield. It plugs into the socket or runs on 4 AA batteries. (not included) Also serves as a car alarm to discourage thieves.

Electronic Shoe Buffer
For executives that like polished shoes! Easy to buff shoes at home before going to the office. As you stand, the buffers shine leather luster. Buffers can be easily cleaned with detergent and water. Stands 32 inches tall and plugs into any wall outlet. Includes a 90 day warranty.

Rowenta DM990 Ultra Professional Iron
Ideal for the well-dressed executive with crisp shirts and pressed pants! Self-cleaning iron that is lightweight and only 3 pounds. It features a 10.5 ounce water capacity, a 3-way shut-off valve and an anti-drip system with a cool spray mist. Includes comfort handles for easy use.

Petzl TIKKA Headlamp
A light to wear on your head! Ideal for nighttime shoveling for executives who live in colder climates! Hands free light can be used while working on a car, nighttime running, dog walking or as a reading map. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Runs for close to 150 hours.

White Sierra Cooker Women's Jacket
Ideal for the woman executive who likes to spend time outdoors. Features waterproof and breathable fabric and a zip-in fleece liner for multiple layering. Designed for a woman's physique and includes a convertible hood, inner mesh security pocket and shock cord hem. Includes a no-flaw warranty.

White Sierra Apex Men's Jacket
Perfect for the executive outdoor sportsman. Features waterproof and breathable fabric, inner security pocket, concealed hood and brushed chin guard. Made of wind resistant fabric and comfortable for all weather types. Includes a no flaw warranty.

NIKE Tech Training Winter Sweater
For the active runner in the cooler months. Merino Wool Sweater is a full-zip up garment with nylon elbow patches for durability and front slash pockets for convenience. Fashionable to wear alone or with the matching vest. (sold separately) Available in both women's and men's sizes.

NIKE Tech Training Winter Vest
Ideal for executives who enjoy running during all climates. Features insulation that is as warm as down, lightweight and packable. Available in women's and men's sizes.

Sonicare Toothbrush
Ideal for all executives! Dental professionals recommend brushing your teeth for up to two minutes twice daily. Features a combination of 31,000 brush strokes per minute with gentle sonic waves. Removes 80% of all coffee, tea and tobacco stains. With a noticeable difference in a month, the toothbrush removes nearly twice as much plaque between teeth than a manual brush. Can be used on crowns,cement and enamel. Included is a 30 day guarantee or a full refund.

Lifestream Personal Cholesterol Monitor
As cholesterol is an important measure of the hardening of the arteries leading to possible heart problems, a regular check on any executive's personal level of cholesterol would be a worthwhile pursuit. Operates one 9 volt battery (not included) and includes a well-written instruction book and video. Requires a sample of blood (painless) with the supplied probe. The calculator takes approximately 3 minutes. A numeric reading is displayed with a description such as borderline, high, etc. Capable of storing the acquired reading on a data card for future use. Cards can be keyed to one individual by name/pin # to keep track of cholesterol levels.

Cuisinart Two To Go Coffeemaker
For executives in a morning rush! Ideal for commuters, this coffeepot brews and fills one or two commuter 14-ounce mugs of fresh hot coffee. Features an automatic shutoff and includes 2 brushed stainless steel, dishwasher safe mugs with tight-fitting lids and a comfortable grip. Included is a 3 year warranty.

Waterpik Cascadia
Oversized showerhead that feels like rain! 8 inch diameter with a sleek design that has two spray settings. This showerhead drenches and has a concentrated power rinse for shampooing. Features easy to clean soft rubber nozzles, which allow for easy removal of calcium buildup. Feels like a warm rainfall.

YOGA travel kit
Ideal for the traveling executive. YOGA is exercise/relaxation/meditation that has been around for thousands of years. Said to have healing powers, YOGA is becoming the ñnew trend" The kit includes a sticky YOGA mat, strap and 2 CD's. Convenient to pack in a bag and use while traveling.

MicroPerk Microwave Coffee Maker
For the executive who needs a quick cup of java. This coffeemaker brews a single serving cup of coffee using microwave heating. Utilizes a process similar to percolation with hot water filtered through the ground coffee and heats in the microwave for 3 minutes. The unit can be washed in a dishwasher and is easy to clean and store.

Lenmar Mach 1 Speed Charger
Lightweight (7 ounces) battery charger for digital cameras and camcorders!
Utilizes technology to charge lithium-ion batteries in 30 minutes. This is three times faster than other chargers on the market. Ideal for vacationing working parents and business travelers. This can also be used with 12-volt outlets. Uses a switching power supply that allows operation on both domestic and international voltages. Includes a 3 year warranty.

Fuji FinePix A101 Digital Camera
For casual photographers, this camera delivered exceptional bright and clear photos. Up to 61 pictures can be stored on the 8-megabyte memory card. The camera is powered by 2 "AA" batteries (not included) The ñfinepix" software provided could be easily loaded into a computer and straight forward in use. Photos are easily transferred to the computer and prints can be made in 3 sizes (4x 6. 5 x7 and 8 x 10)

Rowenta DA75 Steam 'n Press
A necessary accessory for all traveling executives! Made of polished aluminum, this vertical steamer has a dual voltage power of 120 or 240 volts Features a full range thermostat, transparent water level and lint brush. Portable and comes with its' own travel bag and fabric brush.

Vivitar Vivicam 2795 Digital Camera
4-in 1 digital camera with an MP3 player. Holds 29 photos in its internal 2 MB flash memory. Memory can be expanded with Compact Flash Cards. Features a focus-free 7.2mm lens and automatic exposure and built-in flash. Headphones are included. Can take video clips at 2 pictures per second. Additional features include an automatic power off, tripod socket and black and white LCD for text display. 2 AA batteries are required (not included)

$249 with a $9.95 monthly rate
TiVo has the ability to record two television shows at once on DIRECTV Receivers. The unit saves the television programs in an easy-to-read, on-screen list that's available by a remote-control button to watch anytime.
TiVo can automatically store up to thirty minutes of a show on the two channels accessed. The user can pause, rewind and fast forward through this 30-minute cache on either channel. Busy executives usually aren't home to watch television and it can be used at home or in the office for recording shows for later viewing.

RIM BlackBerry Solution
$399-$499 with a $39.95 monthly fee
PDA that is always connected and always on! No antenna's or dialup connection needed. Works like a pager but instead uses wireless email. Offers single-mailbox integration with a user's existing email account. Offered in either a pager or palm-sized format, this unit uses a thumb touch keyboard without a stylus. Includes calendar, address book, calculator, task list and alarm. Ideal for executives for need access to email virtually anywhere.

AOL Mobile Communicator
$99.95 plus a 29.95 monthly fee (keyword: AOL Mobile Communicator
Two-way wireless messaging device that gives AOL members another way to access the instant messaging and email features beyond the desktop. Lightweight and compact, the pager-style device is great for working parents or busy executives to communicate with kids while at work or traveling.

Madame Alexander New Year Eve Alexander Doll
Ideal for a working mom who wants a toy of her own or is a doll collector.
This is a collectible doll which is a limited edition of only 2200 pieces. She includes a bracelet, earrings, shoes and a hand beaded dress. The doll can either be displayed or played with.

Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Collection
Collectible dolls of the memorable characters from the time-classic ñ Wizard of Oz" movie. Each doll in the collection is sold separately and includes Dorothy with Toto, Tinman, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow. All can be displayed in an office as decoration or played with.

Roto Zip Tool Corp Revolution
Ideal for executives who like do-it-yourself home repairs. The Revolution is a spiral saw power tool that uses a computer chip. (This is the same technology found in laptops and cell phones.) The saw monitors rotational speed and automatically adjusts power to maintain pre-selected speeds for a smooth cut. Other unique features include a 5.0 amp motor, four speeds, trigger switch, removable handle, and high intensity LED headlights. This saw can plunge cut into virtually any building material up to 1" thick including wood, ceramic wall tile and aluminum siding.

Leatherman Juice Line
No more digging through the toolbox! Ideal for the handy parent or executive that likes to tinker on projects or assemble toys for the kids. This is a pocket tool pack with pliers, wire cutters, four screwdrivers and a saw. It is compact and fits comfortably in a pocket.

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