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Dear Marianne:
My husband and I have 2 daughters ages 3 and 5. They have so many toys and it's hard for me to get rid of them because so many of them are from family and friends but it's overwhelming! I think they have too many toys-do you have any suggestions of how many toys a kid plays with in a day and how many do they really need? I don't remember having so many toys as a child-just a few favorites. Then it's hard to get them to clean up b/c I think it
overwhelms them. What do you think?
Phil and Angie, Blue Springs, MO, parents of Marlee 5 and Jaimee 3



Do you get paid by companies to test products ?
NO! Absolutely not, Toy Tips has very high standards and does not cross ethical lines between content and advertisers. We work for the consumer to bring you unbiased information on the products we test.

How do I submit a product for review?
Manufacturers may fill out an application on All information is required to process a request. Consumers can not submit toys but may encourage manufacturers to if they are interested in our review. If you would like us to consider a product for testing and are interested in our review, please email us at

How do I search for a specific toy review?
There are 3 ways:
Either type in the name or manufacturer in the search bar.
Follow the links in the header bar (red) at the top of the home page.
Click the age group located in the left hand bar of and select your choices in the drop down menu.

If I don't see a product on this site, does that mean it did not pass or does not have the "TTT" rating?
Only products that have surpassed our strict research testing process will receive our "TTT" rating and be published on Thousands of products are submitted each year and many fail. In addition, we have reviews in progress all year long. It could be that we are still in the testing process, we never have reviewed it or it failed our standards. If you are very interested in a specific product review, email us at

If I have had an experience with an unsafe toy, who shall I report it to you.
If there is ever a safety situation or a toy in question, be sure to report it immediately to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (

What happens to the products that fail the "TTT" standards?
Products that do not pass our "TTT" standards are destroyed.

How often do you test products?
All year long. Toy Tips is dedicated to researching new products to provide our unbiased reviews in a timely manner.

Who are the product testers.?
We have thousands of testers involved in our research process. From time to time, we are searching for new reviewers. If you have interest, fill out an online application and if we have a need and you fit our qualifications, we may contact you.

Is it true after you test products, they are donated to charity?
Yes. We donate all used products to children and families in need through our community charity program.

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