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Dear Marianne:
My husband and I have 2 daughters ages 3 and 5. They have so many toys and it's hard for me to get rid of them because so many of them are from family and friends but it's overwhelming! I think they have too many toys-do you have any suggestions of how many toys a kid plays with in a day and how many do they really need? I don't remember having so many toys as a child-just a few favorites. Then it's hard to get them to clean up b/c I think it
overwhelms them. What do you think?
Phil and Angie, Blue Springs, MO, parents of Marlee 5 and Jaimee 3



As seen on TV with Marianne!

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Since 2002, The Kid Tips Report can be seen with Marianne Szymanski on FOX 6 Morning News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The featured products are based on reviews using the Toy Tips research methods. While most of  the Toy Tips broadcast segments are national, this segment is local to the Milwaukee market where Toy Tips is based. For additional information or to read full reviews, see the  home page of this website You may also read longer articles about each report in the past online issues of Toy Tips & Parenting Hints.

As seen on Monday, June 14,  Gifts for Dad and Child

It is important that dads spend time with their children and for their special day, Toy Tips conducted a review of products of over 125 products to find those that are most useful or that enhance the quality time dad spends together with his children. All products were tested with fathers and feedback was provided to us on the most useful and interesting products dads would like to receive.

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As seen on May 3/4, 2004-Gifts for Expectant Moms

It is exciting for any new mother to prepare for the arrival of an additional family member. In addition to all the new gear a child requires there is also a lot of things a mother needs for her own comfort. Our expectant mom guide combines comfort and style to include products that help make mothers-to-be a little more comfortable during her pregnancy and beyond! All products are tested using the Toy Tips methodology on a consistent basis. This ensures that continuous use of the product is favorable and useful. All listed products surpass higher than average scores and we do not publish any review  that is not positive. NOTE: For full reviews, click the expectant mom guide on the homepage!

toy tips expectant mom gift guide

For a special treat:

Expectant Mom Portrait-A memorable gift for any expectant mom or to give to another family member is a professional portrait of her while she is pregnant. At this studio, makeup application and hair styliing is INCLUDED in the price. Prices vary.

The Hot Mama Gilligan Style Hat- A cute white summer hat is monogrammed "Hot Mama" in hot pink! Matches almost any beachwear and is ideal for the mom who is expecting her first, second or fifth!  $25

Retailers to watch for hip-fashion in pregnancy clothes:

A Pea In the Pod-

JCPenney Maternity-

Gap Maternity-



2003 Kid Tips Report segments:

As seen on Oct 21, 2003
Halloween is all about fun and not-so scary fun for little ones. Safety is most important for this Holiday whether your children will be participating in trick-or-treating or attending Halloween-themed parties. Here are a few tips on products you may want to consider.

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As seen on Sept. 24, 2003

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As seen on Sept. 9, 2003

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As seen on Sept. 8, 2003

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As seen on April 15, 2003
Choosing a stroller is as personal as choosing a car! There are so many models and designs, each one appropriate for a different lifestyle. While it is nice to receive a stroller as a baby shower gift, it is better to choose the one that fits your own lifestyle and is comfortable for your size. Strolling with your child is a bonding activity to do that will create memories and new discoveries for your child as s/he grows.

Before purchasing a stroller, you need to consider the function, design and price for your lifestyle.

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As seen on December 4, 2002
Tool toys allow a child to use creativity and imagination to build and role play while using logical thinking, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and concentration. There are a variety of toys for different ages and more examples are listed in our toy search' area. These are the toys highlighted today.

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