Toy Report Card

Baker's Dozen
From Playroom Entertainment
Priced about $10.00

Starts at 8 years of age

Made In China


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In this card game, players are dealt donut-shaped cards (56 in all) of various designs. They take turns placing their cards into one of 3 piles, based upon the design of the donut. Moldy donut cards may be placed into any pile. If a player adds a card to a pile which has already reached 13 cards-a baker’s dozen-they must take all the cards in that pile. Once all the cards are taken, the winner is determined by the player who has either no donut cards or the most of a certain type of donut card. Out testers found that the size of the cards was perfect for small hands to hold and use. The game encourages use of fine motor and social skills.
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