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Dear Marianne: Are there any toys that will help my preschool daughter learn to share? Peggy, Cleveland, OH, Mom of Katie (3 1/2)
I would suggest toys that promote turn-taking. Board and card games encourage this while having fun. Be sure to play with her and really emphasize how proud you are when your child waits for a turn. Clapping, verbal encouragement and positive reinforcement will make this all part of the game. She may soon realize that sharing can be fun.

On-The-Go Products to take along

When eating out or on-the road, there are a variety of convenience products that make your dining pleasure with a toddler a little more enjoyable. Keep in mind, these products may also be used at home or while visiting!

Twingles Collapsible Stroller Tray

For parents on the go, this is a convenient, portable feeding tray that can clip to strollers and wooden restaurant high chairs. When folded, this fits in a diaper bag and weighs only one pound. It is easy to clean with a sponge and can also be put in a dishwasher.

TIP: Ideal for food courts and mall lunching or places where strolling a child is most convenient.


A collection of reusable plastic spoons, sippy cups, bowls and snack cups that can either be washed or thrown away. Ideal to keep in a diaper bag or to use at home, these offer convenience for trips to the zoo, park, walks and outdoor events.

TIP: For children under 2, pour kid-sized drinks into the sippy cups. Restaurant cups usually have straws and can be messy and spill easy for younger children.


Portable vinyl coloring mats with a variety of themes. Easy to roll and place in a diaper bag for on-the-go entertainment while waiting for meals to be served at home or in a restaurant. These double as placemats once a meal is served. Easy to wash. TIP: Use washable crayons.

Clean Diner

A fabric coverall that fits the entire seating area of wooden restaurant highchairs. The fabric is machine washable and a safety strap is included for infants/toddlers. This protects a child from germs and food grime that may be leftover from the last child.

TIP: Keep this in your car for last minute trips out on the go!


A notepad of 30 paper coloring sheets. Each one is removable to be used as needed. There are 10 different themes to choose from and are ideal for restaurants, birthday party placemats, at grandma's house or to use at home while meals are being prepared. TIP: When completed, hang the "artwork" on the refrigerator or in the family room for the child to be proud of.

Regalo Easy Diner

This is a portable clip-on booster chair that fits most table sizes. The clamps secure in place and the seat is padded and machine washable. Appropriate for babies who can sit on their own, it allows for a maximum weight of 37 pounds. Child is secured by a five-point harness strap that can be removed for older children. It also features a high back to support the neck. We suggest to place a chair underneath for added safety.

TIP: Do not use on glass tables or cafe-style tables.

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