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Dear Marianne:

What can I do to buy toys for my 3 year old niece and 8 and 9 year old nephews that I do not see often or know very well?

Aunt Ava from Woodland Hills, CA
Kids remember what was given to them and from who. No one wants to be the aunt who buys the boring toys. Any gift for a child should be chosen based on age, current skills and/ or special needs and overall interest.

World of Wonders
by Spencer Christian

  Where in the world do you live? I mean that LITERALLY – where, in this big space called the universe, do you live? Well, for starters, your "planetary" address is Earth. And how much do you know about the natural forces that are constantly at work on your planet? Do you ever wonder how clouds form, why the sky is blue, what makes the wind blow? Or, do you wonder what causes earthquakes, why volcanoes erupt, how lightning strikes?

  In this column called the "World of Wonders", I will regularly provide answers to questions like the ones above; and I'll describe experiments, which you can perform at home and at school, that will show you vividly how the wondrous and powerful forces of nature work to keep our planet "alive". And, from time to time, we'll venture out beyond our own planet to examine the awesome spectacle of the universe.

World of Wonders Columns

Build Your Own Erupting Volcano!
Hail – Rain That Really Hurts!

Spencer Christian's "World of Wonder" Books
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