Testing Methods

Our "TTT"  Independent Research Policy  means Tried,Tested and Trusted (tm)


It is our strict policy that all tested products are donated to children and families through a variety of programs we have set in place with not-for-profit groups nationwide. To date, we service 32 groups. All tested products are donated. It is our way to assist those who need the products more than us and highlight those companies who agree with our philosophy to help the less-priviledged and maybe make their day a little brighter.


The "TTT" mark of excellence indicates that a product has been triple tested using our academic review process. Tested by trained researchers, educators, parents and children, a toy with a "TTT" rating means that it exceeds our standards and has been rated to deliver a fun play experience that also stimulates developmental learning skills. NOTE: Our accurate results are NOT based on personal opinion, small focus groups or non-scientific demographic samples. In no way are results influenced by the toy industry, toy advertising or individual opinions. Our information is STRICTLY independent and conducted in an ethical and academic research manner. We do NOT accept toy entry fees or publish awards that are used for marketing purposes. We do not charge manufacturers to use our "TTT" rating or mark for commercial or advertising purposes. Toy manufacturer or toy trade employees make no decision in our toy testing process.


The scores of A through C- in the skill categories indicate how strong a particiular skill is used during play. A score of A indicates the highest score and a score of C-is the lowest. However, keep in mind not all toys utilize the same skills so do not use this as a key to evaluate the toy overall. The Toy Tips  Cummulative Research score is a bettter indication of this. Click on any skill for a complete explanation of what that skill means.


For juvenile products and non-toy categories, a different methodology is followed.  Scores are not used but a subjective review based on a compilation of results of testing is recorded. All products are reviewed by intended users and follow a research process before we gain our results.

For example:

If a parent product is intended for use by a parent, it is tested by parents including moms and dads.

If a product is intended for use by a caregiver (nanny, day care provider, teacher, grandparent, etc.. ) we test with parents AND a caregivers.

If a product is intended to be used with a sibling, we test with a parent AND with siblings.

If a product is meant for home use, it is tested at home. If a product is meant for travel, it is tested in that way.

Products are ONLY listed on toytips.com if it surpasses our strict standards of durability, ease of use, sensibility and value to the consumer.