Toy Tips Toy Cleaner

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After 3 years of research, Toy Tips, the caring company that brings parents independent toy testing and rates them for child developmental value debuts the first-ever all-natural toy cleaner.

Made without alcohol, bleach, dyes, artificial fragrances or phosphates, Toy Tips Toy Cleaner is a pure all-natural solution to gently clean dirt, dust and grime that builds up on children's toys.

"Think of all those tiny little hands holding, squeezing and loving their toys. Now think of how often they are washed and cleaned after use, rarely," says Marianne Szymanski founder and creator of the Toy Tips Research Institute.

This is not an antibacterial product but a cleaning product to rid toys of dust, dirt, spit up and grime. Marianne Szymanski says that parents can use a bleach and water solution to clean toys but who really has the time, wants to smell the bleach and is comfortable with any chemical residue left on a toy that can be mouthed by a child. You can wash plastic toys in a dishwasher but many toys are just too big to fit. A backyard hose is great for outdoor toys but you need a soap solution to really get them clean.

The Toy Tips Toy Cleaner is a convenient all-natural cleaning solution to spray and wipe clean. It has a pure aromatherapy light scent of lavender and chamomile and smells very fresh.

With a regular household cleaning routine in mind, The Tips Toy Cleaner goes from the playroom to the nursery to kitchen to the bath. Every parent knows toys are in every room of the house. Made for surfaces of hardwood, vinyl, plastic, aluminum and foam.

There are no orange oils that over time can affect a plastic surface, no alcohol, bleach or chemical residue and no baking soda which can break down the oxides of metal over time for precious collectible aluminum toys. Take a bottle and spray plastic toys, vinyl toys, wooden toys, foam playmats, high chairs, cribs, strollers, car seats and play areas including hardwood floors and that tiny mirror in baby's first peek-a-boo. It's formulated for toys, kids furniture, the nursery and the playroom and can be used on other surfaces around the house. It even does wonders on windows!

The spray bottle is a PETE #1 recyclable phlalate-free container and is simple to use. Spay a surface, wipe clean and it quickly dries. The sprayer has a dripless closing feature and a ratchet neck.

The reason it took 3 years to develop the Toy Tips Toy Cleaner is because we have worked with green chemists, toxicologists and microbiologists to perfect the recipe with all natural ingredients down to the preservative. Organic essential oils scent the solution to a calming smell of lavender and chamomile.

*24 ounce spray bottle $5.99
*Twin Pack $10
*Case of 12 bottles for preschool, daycare, and commercial use $50

*Each purchase includes a $20 subscription to Toy Tips and Parenting Hints Magazine. Available on now!